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The Buy Local Movement

            The Buy Local Movement promotes and highlights the need for people to buy food-products and food services that originate from local communities. In variance with organic and other labeled food items, there is no well defined system or regulatory agency that characterizes the conditions and requirements of labeling local food. However, it is understood that local food products are usually produced within a radius of 24 to 400 miles. In recent times there has been resurgence in Buying Local because many large food retailers have realized they are better placed in being recognized as local grocers, which gives them opportunities to instill confidence amongst consumers that they are friendly with and concerned about communities in which their outlets are located. It is widely believed that the concept of Buy Local has particularly become popular after major retailers such as Whole Foods, Wal-Mart and Tesco realized that they need to differentiate their services from mainstream food stores by identifying exclusively local sources for the products they sell from their stores. They have introduced labeling systems that define the carbon count of each product, which allows consumers to determine the distance travelled by each food item and the carbon dioxide emission that has been used in the product's transport till the point of sale. The Buy Local Movement eventually proves to be very beneficial for local communities and the population at large.
             Several researchers have attempted to evaluate the local economic impacts of farmers' markets in terms of generation of employment and revenues with the objective of determining the multiplier effect of the resultant circulation of gains in local communities. But it has been often observed that in places where greater focus is placed on patronizing farmers' markets, the pattern results in pulling away trade from other local businesses and locations, which means that the net benefit to the local economy proves to be only negligible.

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