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Power, Justice and Torture

            Torture seems to be the most controversial topic among citizens in today's society. Torture can be defined, within the Convention against Torture, as any act by which pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person. According to international law, it is illegal to use torture in any situation of any kind. However, torture still continues throughout the world. As President, I want to make sure it does not continue within the United States. Even though the act of inflicting severe harm on a human being for the benefit of others has been met with varying degrees of success. The United States must continue to be convinced that the practice of torture is evil and ultimately ineffective. Not only may it be ineffective, but it also goes against religious and moral beliefs of many people, including myself. .
             My first reasoning to why I am against torture is because of my religious views. No matter what your religious background is, whether it is Christian, Muslim, etc., they would all agree of the idea of the greater good. If given the choice of one person suffering over many, then one person would be more preferable. What religion tells us, however, is that we cannot be the one to inflict that suffering, unless it is on ourselves. According to the bible, as individuals, we are not to seek revenge. Vengeance belongs only to the Lord (Psalm 94:1, Romans 12:1). Also, as individuals, we do not have the authority to punish society's criminals or to get confessions from them. Therefore, there is no license to torture and inflicting intense pain on others is wrong. .
             It should be believed that God is the only one to administer punishment with perfect justice. My next reasoning behind not allowing torture in the United States is because of my moral and ethical beliefs. I do not believe in the common saying "an eye for an eye". Meaning that for every wrong done, there should be a compensating measure of justice.

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