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The Positive Side of Homeschooling

            There are two modern ways to gain an education, homeschool and public school. Out of those two, public school is the most popular choice. It has numerous possibilities that are fundamental to most adolescents like being social with classmates, after school activities, and opportunities to participate in school clubs. Of these two, homeschooling is the best alternative for obtaining an education. It may not be as popular as the public school system, but it has many more pros than cons. Homeschooling not only provides a more manageable schedule but a safer environment for children to be taught in. It also has the same advantages that students in public school have: social interaction with other children and extracurricular activities such as, church groups. Although homeschooling can provide a good quality education to students, there are numerous pros and cons to home schooling. These can either hinder or improve a student's way of developing and learning.
             To begin with, homeschooled students have a more flexible schedule than public school children do. Some students work best in the morning, noon, or night, so being able to set up a schedule that allows a child to earn a better education is always an advantage. Having a flexible schedule means that the student can work at his or her own pace without the stress of due dates and being overloaded with school work. This allows the student to sleep in later and have a lot of free time. This is also an advantage because this prepares the student for college, where they create their own schedule with different days and times. Being able to set up a more flexible schedule is what all students wish for but, then again, this can cause a hindrance in a student's development. This can hinder a student's ability to work in the real world, where the schedule is not always flexible and they're working on somebody else's time.
             Another advantage of homeschooling your child is the safe and familiar environment he or she can thrive in educationally and emotionally.

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