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Fourteenth Amendment - Equal Protection

            There was a time in history when the U. A time when citizens were denied rights because the color of their skin. A time when there were specific laws that only applied to people with different racial backgrounds. Imagine living in a world where you were denied rights because of how you looked, because you did not fit the social norm. Your whole life was dependent on your image and racial makeup. Forced to live a socially constrained life, and not being able to live up to your full potential. Unfortunately, for thousands, this time in history was not imaginary.
             This was real life in the United States, a place where everyone is suppose to be equal. This was not always true. African Americans and other minorities were forced to live a segregated life, separate from the rest of society. How is that equal? This is the way the law used to work. Segregation based on race was legal, and it was acceptable to discriminate against a group of people because they were racially different. Who would want to live in an era like this, when segregation was prevalent and one could be denied certain rights because of one's race. Equal protection rights in terms of race have come a long way over the years and thankfully, today, those scenarios do not exist legally. Modern day is the product of a combination of factors including the civil rights movement, which played a vital role in bringing segregation to an end. Groups like the NAACP, had influential leaders, and activists who fought long and hard for equality. The courts, especially when Earl Warren was chief justice, played an essential role in the shaping of equal protection rights and in upholding the decisions. Most importantly, were the constitutional cases that challenged the law and forced the court to re-evaluate decisions of older cases. Because of landmark cases, including Plessy v Ferguson, Brown v Board, and other notable cases, individuals who had been denied rights in the past are now able to receive them.

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