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Education in Eastern and Western Countries

            Does the way a child is raised play a part in how well they will do in regards to education? Amy Chua, a Yale Professor, Chinese-American, and mother of two daughters believes so. In her article, "How to reshape U.S Education," she compares the pros and cons of the parenting styles of Eastern and Western countries. And to her the reason why other nations are excelling is because even though students "learn to be leaders they do not learn how to learn"." In addition, she explores the factors that may contribute to the decline in the American education system and how Eastern and Western countries can learn from each other.
             Amy Chua has received much criticism for her parenting style. She has received this criticism because of her book that argued that "Chinese women are superior mothers - thus their offspring superior" (New York Post). The reason being is because of the stricter parenting style and as a result their children are better prepared for a fierce global competition. But this is not where she stops. Chua and her husband Jed Rubenfeld wrote a book titled, "The Triple Package," which provides statistics and anecdotal evidence as to why some groups are superior to others and how as a result it is contributing to the downfall of America. From what I read I strongly agree with a majority of the points that she made because I for one am a child of foreign parents who do not have the same ideology as those of "American" parents and there are all the statistics to prove that there is a decline the American education system.
             Diana Baumrind, a clinical and developmental psychologist, is well known for her research on parenting styles and the role they play on a child. Baumrind categorized parenting into the following categories: authoritarian, authoritative, and permissive. Authoritarian parenting is characterized as parenting that is highly restrictive and extremely demanding. Authoritative parenting is characterized as parenting that is balanced between responsiveness and demandingness.

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