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The Effects of My Vision Impairment

            Reading has never been my strong suit. From a young age I've never been a good reader. I've found that lessening has always been easier. Whether it be a book on tape, someone reading to me or text to speech programs. The reason I'm not a great reader I believe is because of my vision. I don't mean to use this as an excuse but because of my vision I was never forced to read so I took the easy way out like I have always done and just didn't. I could have read more and spelled more but hindsight is always twenty twenty. I did not give you though in highschool I was involved in the Wilson program to help with reading. It help a lot but I'm still not perfect by all means. .
             Copying from the board was almost impossible. When I tried I would get left behind. From first grade on I have had a para for note copying, test and class handout enlargements, test reading and dictation. So it is good to know that I don't have to lose my help even if I have to help myself. Meaning talking to my teachers to get the on board notes from them or other students. When relying on other students though I would be afraid that I would not be able to understand their handwriting.
             For notes not on the board I believe that I am a very good note taker. Picking up on keywords that teachers use in order to determine what's going to be important on a test and not so important. I have decent handwriting that I can understand afterwards on a second read. For studying or essay writing. Research and writing a paper go hand and hand. Like stated now a days research is much easier. You don't even need to go to the library anymore. All you need to do is go on the internet and all the information is readily available. This make it easy for not just people with visual impairment but everyone. .
             Test taking is not difficult time management is a fact of life. It's used in everything from keeping appointments being home for dinner to homework assignments and everything to do with school.

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