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Stock-Trak Report - Personal Investment Management

             In this report, we are going to discuss our overall investment strategy and to state our investment selection; and relevant analysis of some of our best and worst investment cases during this semester. In addition, at the end of report, we will draw conclusion based on our experience, lectures, and readings, in order to give the potential future buyers some advice about trading with real money.
             Investment Selection and Strategies.
             Based on our self-evaluation, we assume that we are risk averse investors due to our lower risk tolerance, and this is our first time to trade with stocks and to use Stock-Trak. Although we had $10,000 in the account which is enough for us to trade, we wish to expose ourselves to the minimum risk level in order to keep a stable growth in our Stock-Trak. .
             The principle of diversification state that spreading an investment across many assets will eliminate some of the risk. Therefore, one of our strategies is to diversify our portfolio. We diversify our portfolio by trading stocks in quite a few different industries; and in each industry, we trade our stocks in many different companies. From the Stock-Trak, we buy stocks from Google, Apple, Nokia which belong to technology industry, we also buy stocks from bank of Nova Scotia, Doral Financial Corporation which belong to baking industry; there are about 80 trades we made in our Stock-Trak to diversify our portfolio. From the above point of view, we generally do not invest large amount of money in each open position and keep certain amount of money available in the account in case running out of money. In this way, we also may avoid potential bigger loss due to future sharply decrease in value of the stock.
             We use technical analysis in which we analyze past prices and volume figures to predict future stock prices. First, we find overall trend of the stock, analyze the stock's moving average and trend to predict its potential pattern.

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