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Ideologies of Canadian Healthcare

            Political parties and politicians are guided by their ideologies when making laws. Ideologies are a body of beliefs that guide how an organization or individual approaches when making decisions. These ideologies are what makes up a party. Us, the people, decide where we stand! Contingently on our ideologies, we are classified as "right-winged " or "left-winged ". The terms "left " and "right " first appeared during the French revolution at the National Assembly in the year of 1789. The members divided themselves into two groups; supporters of the revolution (generally "innovators ") would go to the president's left; supporters of the king (moderates ") would go to the president's right. Furthermore, ideas that were new and "for the people " would generally be left-winged, while conservative ideas were right-winged. Left wing or right wing? Where do we stand on the political spectrum? A left-winged society ( aka, a Liberal) believes in equality for all. They expect that the government takes responsibility more often. It is the job of the government to help the ill & unfortunate, and to protect individual and human rights. They, believe the role of the government should be to guarantee that no one is in need. People who adhere the left wing generally emphasize the need for the government to solve problems. If you are left-winged, you may support The Liberal Party of Canada, The Green Party and The NDP party. A right-winged society (aka, a conservative) believes in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, liberty, traditional American values and a strong national defence. This society believes that the role of government should be to provide people the freedom necessary to pursue personal goals. Conservative politics generally emphasize that individuals should help themselves rather than giving money to the ones around them. There are many controversial subjects which explain the philosophy of why an individual is right-winged or left-winged; such as opinions on marijuana, welfare and taxation.

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