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Ronald Reagan - Evangelical Address

            The idea of Christianity has always been questioned in both liberal and conservative views of Americans. Christianity in our government is an important issue for which strong conservatives have always fought. Ronald Reagan was a conservative president whose thoughts on Christianity reflected the typical conservative view. In his Address to the National Association of Evangelicals, Reagan expresses his idea that Christianity is still a strong religion, and that the Evangelicals should not be swayed in any decisions straying from a Christian one. .
             Throughout the history of America, Christianity has been the selected religion of most citizens. In recent years however, many people have lost their sight of what was once a mandatory religion. While this is true, the United States still has the highest amount of free Evangelicals than any other country. Reagan said in his address that many Americans "believed the Ten Commandments had real meaning in their lives." With this said, it can be inferred that most Evangelicals are still strong in their faith and religion. Since America was first discovered, Christianity was not only a religion, but a lifestyle that citizens would live. Ronald Reagan was a strong conservative president who appealed to people who still wanted to experience this lifestyle. At the time of the speech, the United States were interlocked in a feud with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics over government. This was a major issue to Reagan as well as the Evangelicals because it took away religion to the communist people. This oppressed state that citizens of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics were forced to live in stemmed the term that Reagan used in his speech: "Evil Empire." This connected him with the Evangelicals in a way that they understood, since communism is against God. While the biggest reaction of the Address was the issue that he brought up about the "Evil Empire," Reagan also had a meaningful purpose of explaining his ideals and traditional values of a conservative lifestyle.

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