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Tintern Abbey by William Wordsworth

            William Wordsworth begins his poem, "Tintern Abbey," with how long it has been since his last visit to the titled location. He remembers every detail about his last visit and how joyous it was to be in tranquility away from the chaos in the city. Wordsworth looks back and begins to realize how long it's been and how time has flown since his last visit. His memories begins to remind him what his main purpose to visiting Tintern Abbey was. William Wordsworth uses the beauty of Tintern Abbey to keep him sane while living in "the din/of towns and cities." He returns to Tintern Abbey and looks out to the landscapes and begins to experience odd combinations of his present expressions, the memories of his past visit and the thought of how he pictured his memories to present vision of Tintern Abbey. .
             William Wordsworth is aware that time has flown and that he is getting older as well as his memories. His main idea of this poem is to share his memories so they can live on forever while he is no longer on earth. Tintern Abbey is a poem that isn't just expressing the beauty in nature but also how the relationship between man and nature should be. William is touched by how beautiful Tintern Abbey was before the industrialization of man occurred. William Wordsworth is renowned for his appreciation for nature. William Wordsworth uses Tintern Abbey as a way to express his thoughts about human renewal and ideas of time. It has been five long years since William Wordsworth has last step foot in Tintern Abbey. William Wordsworth was only 23 years old when he first visited. William Wordsworth's poem is an experience of a spontaneous ecstasy with a remembrance of nature that has passed into a memory but also provides possession with a sense of redemption in times of need. .
             William Wordsworth wrote this poem as if it is a record of his consciences as it changes from moment to moment. William Wordsworth also writes this poem as a spontaneous outpouring of the human emotion.

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