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Summary of Genesis - Chapters 1-11

            Within Genesis 1-5, we can see a clear change in humanities roles within the world to a point in which humanity becomes somewhat of a threat to God or the Lord God by becoming half divine in the respect that mankind learns about the concept of good and evil. Then the reader can clearly see a within Genesis 6-9 two separate stories in which all humanity is cleansed instead of one devout follower of God/the Lord God and his family. This has led many scholars to believe that the flood stories of Genesis 6-9 are stories of the un-creation and re-creation of what humanity had become back to what God/the Lord God had wanted humanity to be. Within the Genesis 1-2 we see the creation of words in which humanity is born or created in which God/the Lord God had manufactured them for some means. In Genesis 1 mankind was to simply "fill the earth and subdue it," as said in Genesis 1.28, while in Genesis 2 man was made in order to service the world they had been brought into, which can be inferred by Genesis 2.5-9 which states that "there was no one to till the ground he put the man who he has formed out of the ground the Lord God made to grow every tree". Within both of these stories of creation we see how God/the Lord God had intended mankind to behave in the world he had created. .
             Mankind, from the story of creation told by Genesis 1, was meant to be masters of the world they had been put into, one way God enforced this was by telling the man and the woman ,in Genesis 2.16-17, "You may freely eat of every tree of the garden, but of the tree of knowledge of god and evil". By doing so the Lord God placed a limitation on humanity from becoming divine and above their own world. In Genesis 3 we see the downfall of God's/the Lord God's original image of mankind from Genesis 1-2. We see this when the women takes the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil after being persuaded by the serpent to eat it, to then go on and give it to the man in Genesis 3.

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