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Determining Our Own Reality

            My high school biology teacher once told me, "Your source is always suspect." He explained to me just because a source claims to know the answer or be the truth and has a lot of evidence to back it up does not always mean they are correct. Everyone will always have a different version of reality because we are all completely different beings experiencing everything around us differently. As much as we try to come up with our own version of reality that will never happen because society is constantly influencing our beliefs since grade school, by our parents and all the mass media surrounding us. I believe that there is no true version of reality but several versions of reality. .
             The reality taught to us by our parents cannot be trusted because a lot of their reality is based on old traditions. When reading that sentence a lot things come to mind, what is an old tradition? Another way to look at it is an old habit. Like that saying says, "Old habits die hard." Our parents have a big part on how we change as we grow older. For example they have a big influence on what food we like, what holidays we celebrate and the type of people we choose to hang out with. A lot of the minorities, Hispanics and black are seen as objects. As crazy as it sounds that kind of mentality is still around. We call that racism. Lets just take for example a white family and their believes towards Hispanics. They believe majority of Hispanics are delinquents and ready to steal at any given. Of course their parents will teach their children that this is the truth and the children will believe it not knowing any better. So whenever they encounter a Hispanic adult or child their reality towards them is already set. Another child who grew up in a different household without that kind of belief will have a different reality. One asks, which one is correct? Both of the kids were raised by good parents but were implanted with different beliefs which set their realities.

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