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Letter in Defense of Legalizing Cannabis

             This letter is sent to show my support in you advocating for the legalisation of cannabis in the United Kingdom. I feel that your forward way of thinking has surpassed many of our leaders in the political world. Finally you have given a solution to the current failing policies in place today. This letter is to show support for your opinion, and in it, I will give you an informative view, on why cannabis should become a legal substance in the United Kingdom.
             Currently, cannabis is a Class B illegal substance. Class B substances include ketamine, mephedrone and methamphetamine. These three substances are widely used in the United Kingdom. The three substances have caused over one thousand deaths in the United Kingdom in the last five years. Cannabis is a Class B substance. Cannabis has caused no deaths. Ever. There has never been a recorded case of a cannabis overdose. Why is cannabis grouped with substances such as ketamine and methamphetamine? Cannabis has been proved to have medicinal purposes when used to treat epilepsy, PTSD and anorexia. Why would the United Kingdom's government want to prevent sufferers from receiving treatment from a natural source? .
             Mr. Clegg, I feel your view is very different from that of the typical British politician. The typical view, shown by the likes of Theresa May is that cannabis is an evil substance that should be treated as a deadly narcotic. Scientific evidence has shown us that cannabis is not harmful enough to be classified as a Class B substance. Cannabis has numerous medicinal benefits that nations such as Canada, The United States of America and Israel are using to treat thousands of patients. Medically, it makes sense to legalise cannabis. .
             However; cannabis is not just a medicinal tool. It is a substance that has been used for thousands of years. Cannabis has been used in almost every culture in the world. It has religious significance to the followers of the Rastafarian movement, and by criminalising the religious activities of Rastafarian people, the United Kingdom does not show itself to be the place of tolerance and compassion it prides itself on being.

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