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Job and Life Perspectives

            Different people have individual perspective on various jobs. As far as I am concerned, working as an employee definitely affects not only our life but also determination of our future. However, it is not easy to find a proper job for one self. Thus, we should be careful on finding jobs with certain aspects. There are two plausible reasons why I think this way: Stress from a wide range of work circumstances and value of my life.
             First of all, when it comes to getting stress from work, as society is getting more complicated, the number of people that are suffering from stress at the workplaces is on the rise. For Instance, I am a dealer at Grand Villa Casino, the primary duty of being a dealer is to analyze and dispense a bet and provide satisfactory services. However, some characteristics of casino make dealers difficult to offer a good service to customers. For example, when a customer lose their money from the game, it is not easy to satisfy everyone's demand on winning the game. Accordingly, dealer is also overwhelmed by customer's attitude when there is tension going on from losing and winning the game. It is obvious that every job has its own difficulties. In order to handle the difficulties is always a challenging task. On this occasion, I have realized that reducing stress from the workplace can depend on jobs in which employees take.
             To illustrate my second point of view, the true importance on valuing our lives, people should realize that we have more significant matters than favourable jobs in our life. With the global economy is getting worse, many companies are going bankrupt, and many people have difficulty to have find jobs. For this reason, this circumstances may influence people to easily forget how to enjoy their life but focusing too hard on making money. I used to work late at night. I get paid more because it changed regular daily routine. It ruins the cycle, I felt exhausted and extremely tired.

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