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Saving Primates from Biomedical Research

            The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary portrays what chimpanzees go through as test subjects within the laboratory. In his book, Westoll clarifies that most of these animals were alienated from their mothers after they were born, injected with pathogens and deadly diseases, repeatedly subjected to several theatre sessions, and regularly driven crazy through seclusion and social withdrawal (Westoll 31). The apes, whose life expectancy is comparable to human beings, had spent the better part of their lives in horrendous lab conditions. The strong connection and attachment between Westoll and the animals was the motivating factor that provided the emotional aspects captured in the book.
             The following letter is addressed to Miss Barbara Boxer, the Junior Senator of California State. Miss Boxer, it has come to my attention that California is a region with many biomedical facilities. Within these establishments, the scientists use live chimpanzees to conduct tests. This is unethical and callous. Furthermore, the animals are also kept in deplorable conditions within cages and fed poorly. What is surprising is the obvious absence of a fully funded animal shelter or sanctuary that can house these types of animals and others that are distressed elsewhere. It is for this reason that I am writing this letter and presenting the following sanctuary plan.
             Chimpanzee Sanctuary Plan.
             From my previous research, over 60% of Californian residents care about animals and support the move for the state to collaborate with private agencies and individuals to implement such a facility. The initial budget for starting the Chimpanzee sanctuary is relatively high. These animals are afflicted and need significant time, commitment, and funds in order to enjoy a full life. It is important to examine the following section that provides the prerequisites required for starting the Chimpanzee Sanctuary.
             Financial, Civil and Personnel Arrangements.

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