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Concepts of Social Responsibility

            All societies throughout history have depended heavily on each of their citizens to take the responsibility of engaging in the benefits of the overall community and not the benefits solely of the individual. By doing so, this allows each citizen to express and participate in solving local community problems that will ultimately result in the greatest good for the community. In order to make social responsibility work properly, societies must have their people behave ethically with an understanding of moral values that make a distinction between what is right from wrong. These values must focus towards solving the social, economic, environmental and cultural issues of the community, which in return, will have a positive impact of the community's, as well as the individuals overall development. To make this successful, it is crucial that every individual comes together in believing in bettering the community by performing a specific duty in regards to the overall belief. It is clear that the importance of social responsibility has not changed throughout history when looking at the readings of Civilization and Its Discontents when Sigmund Freud wrote, "Human life in common is only made possible when a majority comes together which is stronger than any separate individual and which remains united against all separate individuals. The power of this community is then set up as 'right' in opposition to the power of the individual, which is condemned as 'brute force'" (Freud 494).
             Freud is suggesting in this quote that when a group of people come together with a common belief, they will ultimately have more power than any one individual thus creating a bigger impact for the community's development. This creates a stronger community by having all of their people coming together for the same good which in return can bring in more success. By doing this, though, society generates a force that makes people focus on what they think is the most important social issues rather than on one's personal issue.

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