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Reframing the Constitution

            In his article "Reframing the Constitution,"" Professor Levinson is correct in his critique of the United States government today, and in his proposition for another Constitutional convention. Within his article, Professor Levinson gives of statistics of how this country feels it is doing. I, like the majority of Americans from the poll, agree in that we feel the U.S. is attempting to move forward but is in fact moonwalking the opposite direction. Many politicians feel that the founding fathers had it right the first time when they created the constitution; therefore it would be wrong to change it. However, as Levinson states that the founders created the Constitution with the intent of it being a living, breathing document. I agree with the Constitution being a living document, but not because the founders intended it that way. I believe that since the world is always changing and new problems arise, that a fluid, changing government is essential as well. I don't think that our current Constitution should be a sacred document because of all the interpretations that different people have of it. Not only that but the Constitution is very difficult to amend and make changes to, which hinders America as the world continues to change. .
             All of the flaws that Levinson found in the Constitution prove true to me. The power doesn't directly apply to the people during elections with the electoral colleges. It is frustrating that we pride ourselves on being a Democracy when the candidate with the plurality vote isn't elected into office. Levinson also brought forward the issue of Bicameralism and Tricameralism, which makes passing legislation difficult and the president having too much power. Passing legislation is also difficult due to Political Parties. The Political Parties priorities lie with gaining the advantage over the other party rather than public interest. Politics is hardly about what's best for the people anymore, and has turned into a childish game of "my party is better than yours.

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