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Film Analysis - Patton

            The 1971 film "Patton," directed by Franklin Schaffner, is loaded with meaningful symbols. The film uses special visuals and musical emphasis to directly link an unspoken meaning to General George Patton. A great example of this is included in the ending scene of the film. General Patton is seen walking off into a field with a windmill overlooking some mountains. To fully understand the meaning you must know a little bit about General Patton. George Patton is a bloodthirsty patriot that strongly believes in the importance of war. He has very little sympathy for any human weakness. General Patton is know for allegedly slapping a wounded soldier for showing cowardice. He also is known for his relentless drive to conquer new territory. This same ruthless drive had him discharged of his duties. He was also totally quixotic. General Patton is said to completely believe in reincarnation. In fact, he claims he is the reincarnated Alexander the Great. .
             In the final scene from the film "Patton," as he's walking off towards the mountains, a windmill tower is given some unusual attention. The windmill tower is a direct symbol of General Patton. The director uses special visual and musical emphasis throughout the scene to justify my argument. General Patton is seen walking his white dog towards a giant windmill tower located at the bottom of the mountains, a rather stunning scene. This magnificent visual created by General Patton walking hopelessly into the distance symbolizes how all glory is fleeting. General Patton is a relieved general that has just won the war, but yet that's not enough. He still feels the need to conquer and expand into new territory. As he's walking off into the distance the General's narrating a story about roman conquers celebrating in triumph. At the end of that story the General tells you about a conquer who hired a slave to stand by his side whispering in his ear, "all glory is fleeting" (qtd.

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