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Ebola in America and West Africa

            The most common epidemic that surfaces the nation today is Ebola. Ebola is a disease that has heavily impacted mostly countries in West Africa where it has killed plenty of people. So far some cases of Ebola has made its way to America and not as many people have died compared to people in West Africa. Many argue that the main reason for the differences of impact of this disease is mainly because of the modern healthcare that is provided in America and that Africa doesn't have he proper treatment and measures to help a patient recover from the disease. With the number of cases between both countries, the disparity of health care, death rates, and precautions following treatments and awareness of the contagion is mostly improving in the United States, rather than being improved where it is most affected.
             The major difference between The United States and Africa is health care. "People in West African countries affected by Ebola rated their health care among the world's worst before the outbreak" (Loschky, 2014). Many people seem to believe that America is more advanced with treatment, "So far, the others┬átreated for Ebola in American hospitals have all survived, while the outbreak has killed more than 3,300 in West Africa, based on the World Health Organization's latest estimate."(Leber, 2014) In Africa the virus is hard to contain because the hospitals "ordinarily struggle to provide even basic health services to their residents lack the hospital beds, ambulances, and healthcare workers needed to effectively combat the outbreak" (Loschky, 2014).
             Compared to America, "In U.S. hospitals, patients are isolated in hospital rooms specially set up for biocontainment, they receive specialized care and hydration, and have access to an experimental vaccine."(Leber, 2014) It is shown that there is a major gap between both countries just by health services provided.

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