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Expressing My Race Through Art

            Throughout the entire world there have been different influences coming to affect and altering the original aspects of my culture, especially by the arts. The beauty of life and its features, in my opinion, relies specifically in the integration of different civilizations. Now in the days with there being numerous amounts of ways to communicating, the knowledge or curiosity that one may have towards a different culture is nothing more than a click away. Before the media was as strong as it lives to be today. Cultures intertwined with each other by migration and carrying over foreign entities and ideas that became surface for many cultures today. As an artist I'm intuitively aware of the constant changes in my society. Time moves fast, in the days of wretchedness and stupidity, the power is to be stuck in its ways and unconscious of the correct future for all mankind. As an artist I believe we have the power to increase the acceleration of needed change.
             America has treated African American history in the United States as a trend. As if it was just a moment in time when black human rights were merely a deception. Although it hasn't been much time since the hype of the Civil Rights Movement in comparison to a longevity of oppression, here in 2015, there are still occasions when the life of a black man is judged unfairly. Police officers are deemed to be enemies of the Afro American people and named the source of our struggles due to their natures of discrimination and racial profiling. Discrimination is and will always be a thing as far as I know it to be. Blacks are targeted. Blacks are labeled. Blacks are incriminated. I believe this form of discrimination is the worst because it has affected more of my people. The law has been so successful at depriving blacks of their humanity and hope that some blacks too has come to believe in the malicious values that the law has perceived them out to be.

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