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Play Review - A Streetcar Named Desire

            I recently stumbled upon a play by Tennessee Williams, called A Streetcar Named Desire. The Gilbert Theatre is running this gem from February 13th to March 1st. I was very nervous about stepping into a theatre I've never been too, to see a play I'd never heard of. But I am very glad I chanced upon this piece. It was dramatic, engaging, and very thought provoking. It hits a nerve and even makes you a tad uncomfortable at times. The play is based around 3 main characters, Blanche the older sister who is like the belle of the ball, Stella the younger sister who left home and got married, and Stella's' husband Stanley, a 'common man'. Amanda Brooke Lerner playing Blanche was remarkable, she spoke very articulately and even sitting in the back row, you could feel her words. .
             Her mannerisms matched the chaos in Blanches mind and further gave life to the character. Without a doubt you felt the characters heartache, and at the end giving a wrenching portrayal of Blanches complete lost sense of reality. Staci Sabarsky gave Stellas' character the innocence and hopefulness the character needed. You can tell throughout the play the almost desire driven love and devotion she has for her husband. Later turning into a woman's' acceptance of what she cannot change and almost naive doubt of the truth in front of her. Stella in the end I cannot tell fully whether she has .
             resigned herself to Blanches plight or is in denial of what her husband could be capable of. Chris Daftsios playing Stanley is every bit a rough, weathered, almost over compensating machismo male. At times you get the sense of righteousness as he weeds out the truth about Blanche. Whereas other times you loath the callous drunkard who can put hands on a pregnant woman. Even though he gets to the truth and shows his love for his wife, I came to detest his .
             character with the most horrendous act he pushes upon Blanche, furthering her ability to connect to her sister and reach reality.

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