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The Right Way to Legalize Marijuana

             there are several issues that have a strong impact on the country. One of them is the legalization of marijuana. Why is the legalization of marijuana considered one of society's most prominent contemporary problems? Why does the American government make such a big deal on the issue of legalization, if most of the Americans approve it? I firmly believe marijuana should be legalized because its medical benefits overweigh its adverse effects, legalization allows governmental regulation, and because people have the freedom to do and consume what they please.
             About 52% of the American population supports the legalization of marijuana and more than half of the population requires its legalization. Through the years the marijuana has been a controversial issue which our society faces now days. The issue of marijuana legalization could be classified as a two-edged sword, where there are several advantages and disadvantages. In terms of population in the US, a national survey finds that 52% of the population says that the use of marijuana should be made legal while 45% say it should not. This brings us to the conclusion that marijuana in this country every day is more common. The marijuana has some good benefits, for example, marijuana could be use as muscle relaxant and has antispasmodic qualities which have proven to be a very effective treatment of seizures, it helps to stop the neurological effects and muscle spasms that are caused for sclerosis and helps to fight IBS and Crohn's symptoms of the chronic diseases as it stops nausea, pain, and diarrhea. It's also true that marijuana now days is more consumed and approved by people. "Addiction" is no longer a term in medical use; the most common terms are "abuse" and "dependence," where dependence is the more severe condition. Sometimes "addiction" is used to refer to dependence in its chronic. .
             Therefore if marijuana becomes legal this can lead to less access to teenagers or individuals who consume excessively.

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