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Painting - Scene of the Greek War of Independence

            Théodore Géricault's piece "Scene of the Greek War of Independence" was created in c. The painting currently resides in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. It is an oil painting on canvas. Visualizing the painting at first glance, the viewers' eyes are drawn to the figures depicted in the painting through the use of chiaroscuro which creates a high contrast from the characters illustrated and the setting of the painting. The far figure in the background is seen to have the arms resting on the knees for support and the head on the arms suggesting pain. The tones of red, blue and white, the proportions along with the scarf like cloth draped over the back are suggestive that the figure is a woman. The next figure from the right appears to have his hands joined above his head. The sculpted arms indicate that the figure is a man. The facial features painted on the figure are that of a despondent expression. The figure in the center of the painting is the most prominent character depicted. This is because, it is the only face painted with greater detail compared to the others. .
             The man has also been painted to be in a sitting position and placed above the other figures showing hierarchy, demonstrating leadership, or of a higher power. The figure's facial expression shows anger and despair as seen with the frowning of the eyebrows and mouth and the head resting on the hands. The figure lower down to the left shows a man that appears to be on the center figure's legs as support. The sculpted back seems to be that of a man. The small brush stroke details on the back are indicative of disease-like scabs. The pale skin and dark shadows furthermore emphasize this and suggest bruising. The following figure is the only one that has been fully covered and draped in thick cloth with what seems to be a hat on the head and only the side profile is visible. While the mouth is covered, the eyes are painted in black with a frail expression on the face.

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