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Judges and Professional Discretion

            In this century it has become more relevant the issue of good governance and judicial integrity. Our legal process emphasize the role of judges when making legal decisions. Throughout our study we are going to see how judges has to avoid impropriety and the appearance of it in their professional carrier and also their personal lives. We are also going to observe the canons that comprise the Code of Judicial Conduct. This canon provide the guidance to which judges interpret the laws. Those principles of judicial ethic that each and every judge must study. We are also going to see some of the issues that are involve in the legal process when the sentencing is to take place. .
             The importance of a good judicial system is unquestionable. We are seeking to acquire a judicial integrity which is essential for the legality of judicial authority, most importantly for public trust. Integrity in the judicial system can be defined as the motivation of one's actions, which can be explain by a circumstance where a judge knows that he/ she has no authority but still goes on to adjudicate knowing that his/ her order has to be followed until set aside, will constitute lack of integrity (Us Courts). However, if the judge has integrity he/she will refuse to adjudicate because he/she knows he/she has no jurisdiction and recognized such decision will damage his/her integrity as a judge. Integrity in ethics refers to the totality of quality that needs to be presented in the human body and the body of the law. .
             While we study the legal process, we are going to focus on the roles of the judges in making legal decisions. We know that judges play many different roles. Some of the judge's roles are interpretation of the law, assessing the evidence presented, controlling how hearings and trials develop in their courtrooms but most importantly judges are impartial decision makers in the search of justice. Legal cases are dispute between opposite sides, to ensure that the evidence and the legal arguments will be totally presented, but the judge remains the main provider of the impartial assessment of the evidence and how the law applies to the evidence.

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