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Medicare and the Aging Population

            Medicare, a program run by the government to provide medical insurance for the elderly has become a problem for low-income seniors. Medicare, is granted to many seniors overtime is only given to those who meet specific criteria. Our population is expanding everyday and living longer. Medicare has become too expensive and is leading seniors to have to pay closer attention to their health. The low surplus of doctors and affordable Medicare is putting the elderly lives on the line. They fear this new plan will fail. I believe that that the new healthcare plan should be able to grant the elderly more access to medical assistance, such as medical procedures, doctors, medications, and affordable Medicare. .
             Hospitals need to work together with doctors to make sure that seniors are getting their medical needs met. In his article "Obama Will Repeal Medicare," Dick Morris argues that the new health care plan should provide proper support and care that the elderly deserve"(1). I too worry, that the limited amount of doctors, medications, and non-affordable life insurance will lead the elderly to a shorter lifespan. .
             Morris explains, " We do not have enough doctors skilled in the care of the very demographic group with the greatest overall health care needs." Morris makes a strong point because with the limited amount of doctors skilled in this area fewer seniors will not be able to get life changing procedures and hospitals will have to ration because fewer doctors will have to treat more patients. Morris implies, "no longer will their every medical need be met, their medication prescribed, and their every need to improve their quality of life answered"(1). I agree with Morris's statement because eventually this could lead seniors to developing more diseases because the proper care is not available to them.
             Without health insurance seniors will have to pay close attention to their health and just hope they do not develop a life threatening disease.

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