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The Island of Taiwan

            Taiwan is an island which has been independent for half a century, but China always regards Taiwan as a part of China and a rebel region that must be reunited with the mainland. China claims that they will reunite Taiwan by force if necessary. Since the end of Chinese civil war in 1949, Taiwan has been independent for 60 years. Today, Taiwan and China are completely different countries. We have different governments which have different policies. Generally speaking, in Taiwan, everything is much better than China, including politics, economy, education, and so on. For example, in China, people couldn't have speech freedom. However, in Taiwan, people can say anything they want and do anything they like if people are sure they follow the laws and do not hurt anyone else. Besides, Taiwan's economy, social welfare and education are much better than China. Even though China has become the world 's factory recently, and many countries invest in China, China still couldn't compare with Taiwan. On average, in Taiwan, people's lives are better than in China. .
             Taiwan is an island, the total land area is about 36000 square kilometers and the population is about 23,000,000. It lies off the southeast coast China. Between Taiwan and China is Taiwan Strait. To the north is Japan, to the south is Philippines, and the Pacific Ocean is in the west. Its shape is like a leaf or a sweet potato. Two thirds of the island is mountains and hills and most of them are in the center of Taiwan. Therefore, most people live in the east and west . Before it was not very convenient for people to travel from the east to the west, but the government has built three main roads across the mountains. Even so, most people live in the west. This is because most Taiwanese ancestors came from China hundred years ago. People arrived at the west first and began their lives. there are more opportunities for jobs. Consequently, the density of population in western Taiwan is very high and people live very crowded.

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