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Achievements of Gothic Architecture

            The term Gothic was coined by the "father of art history," Girogio Vasari, in the year 1550 to describe the art of late Middle Ages as being "monstrous and barbarous." The art form of Greco-Roman was held in high regards while fingers pointed at the Goths for the destruction of classical-style. However during the 10th and 14th century, the Gothic art styling was sweeping the European nations, where their towering cathedrals reflected the very imageries of the City of Gods. So what created this widespread acceptance to creating these gaudy monstrosities all throughout Europe? What distinguishes them from the Romanesque cathedrals and more so how have they shaped and form art forms later in the ages? .
             Gothic architecture was influenced by a previous genre known as Romanesque. Romanesque had provided a basic architectural blueprint for all cathedral churches, castles, and monasteries. Many Romanesque features were used in these buildings such as ribbed vaults, buttresses, ambulatories and more. However, one of the many specific features that distinguished the Gothic design from the Romanesque were the pointed arches. This simple feature eliminated the need for exaggerated masonry work and small openings and instead replaced it with stained-glass windows, where light transcended substance. And because of these pointed arches, other technological developments were created with the new style, namely, enormous spires.
             These towering epics were symbols of power that exercised a great degree of social control over that of the courthouse. These cathedrals shaped the social and individual lives in their respective towns. Each individual was either baptized, made members, were married, or were buried in these cathedrals. These massive cathedrals were also extremely expensive to create. Such pride and enthusiasm helped motivate the towns to create them, which, were economically cataclysmic in the end.

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