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My Experience at Princeton Model United Nations

            I am going to talk the Princeton Model United Nation (better known as MUN), that I attended in the winter of 2013. It was one of the most important and rewarding experiences of my life since it not only enhanced my English proficiency, but also provided me a chance to communicate with new friends with different cultures and backgrounds, learned the diversity of this wonderful world.
             The conference was held at Princeton University in New York, and I was the delegate of Azerbaijan in SPECPOL committee. Meanwhile, I have an opportunity to visit one of the best college in the world. Before the conference, each candidate needs to submit a position paper based on his or her topic. My topic was decolonization in Western Sahara. To be honest I never heard about this country before, and I had no idea how to start with. Originally the reason I applied for this conference was I have never been to America before, and it was a good chance to visit. I only did fundamental research and roughly wrote my first draft position paper. Unfortunately, my mentor failed my first draft and warned me that if I don't perform well in the next few weeks he will withdraw me from the list, which means I cannot go to conference with school. It absolutely terrified me and I really don't want that happened, so I decided to start everything again and finished a high quality position paper.
             Before the beginning of the conference, nervousness overtook me because it was my first time to attend such a big event. Moreover, my limited English language ability stuck me to expressing my opinions clearly and persuasively on the specified topics. Therefore, I practiced a lot and made a detailed outline for my upcoming speech. My position on this topic was tried to help Western Sahara get out present situation and avoid colonized again in the future. I come up with a plan called "Triangle Plan", which required Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan start trading with Western Sahara because Western Sahara has the sufficient reserve they want, and Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have the ability to help Western Sahara rebuilt its economic feature.

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