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Analyzing the Presidency of Andrew Jackson

            Every American president has made good and bad decisions. One such decision was that of Thomas Jefferson. He called for an embargo in his Embargo Act. He cut off exports to foreign countries, which, as a result, limited imports as well. Even though he just wanted to hurt the British and French economically, he hurt the Americans more. This decision was unfavorable because it restricted trade and hurt the economy so much. It was also an example of a successful decision because it was the catalyst for American manufacturing. Andrew Jackson's presidency was a fiasco because he indirectly killed 3,000 Indians, destroyed the national bank and the American System, and he went against his personal beliefs about tariffs and states rights. Jackson pushed for the passing of the Indian Removal Act of 1830, which provided for the resettlement of all Native Americans from east of the Mississippi to the west of the Mississippi. He also started the Bank War of the mid 1800s, which ended both the Second National Bank and the American System. Furthermore, Jackson didn't care for tariffs, but he implemented them anyway to resolve the South Carolina Exposition and Protest.
             President Andrew Jackson had been an advocate of Indian removal for a long period of time, but before 1830, he had not forced the Indians to relocate. Before his presidency, even, he spent years leading campaigns against the Creeks in Georgia and Alabama and the Seminoles in Florida. These campaigns ended in the transfer of hundreds of thousands of acres of land from the Indian nation to the whites in those areas. When he became president, he made an extremely controversial decision when he signed the Indian Removal Act of 1830. This gave the federal government the power to trade the land west of the Mississippi, which was Oklahoma, for the Indian land in the south-eastern areas. The Indian Removal Act promised money and reserved land to the Native Americans who gave up their ancestral lands east of the Mississippi River.

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