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Desdemona - Simple and Complicated

            William Shakespeare's "Othello" is filled with jealousy, deceit, heart break, love and a range of emotions that any human being could understand. Othello, the Moor, experiences all of these complicated emotions throughout the play leading not only to his death but the death of his beloved wife, Desdemona. Desdemona was a woman wanting to experience life and love. She was innocent, loving, and persistent; these qualities among others contributed to her fate. To think that Desdemona was completely innocent would underestimate her character. One might believe that she 'met her maker' before she could develop into her true form. .
             In Othello, Desdemona comes off as a simple woman, full of innocence, and perfection. Julian Rice believes that there was more to Desdemona than seen at a glance. Desdemona was insecure about herself and she proves it in the questions she asks of Iago when waiting for Othello to arrive at the docks, "What wouldst thou write of me, if thou shouldst praise me?" (II.i.136) Rice goes on to argue that Desdemona wanted self justification. That she has her own insecurities and that even she is not above 'normal impulses.' Although she seems like the picture of innocence she is not immune to human nature. When singing the Willow song it seems that she brings up Lodovico, her father's cousin. Rice suggest that maybe she is realizing that she does have unfaithful intentions "make her potentially, if not actually, unfaithful to Othello." .
             S.N. Garner also believes that Desdemona was not all that she seemed to be. Garner believes that many critics want to see Desdemona as perfect. When reading Othello, if analyzed carefully, it is noticed that there are inconsistencies in Desdemona's behavior. Garner didn't just argue that Desdemona was imperfect but also argued that Shakespeare in writing "Othello" did not make a mistake, like many critics believe.

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