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The Epidemic of Antibiotic Resistance

            The term antimicrobial resistance refers to microbial organisms that are resistant to antibiotics as well as a number of affiliated drugs that act to treat and expunge infectious bacterium. These agents have been utilized for over seventy years to care for infected disease ridden patients. Thankfully through the years of employing such chemically enhanced products, the death rate amongst those suffering from infectious ailments and diseases has greatly diminished. The overall use of antibiotics has become a beneficial resource to humanity, especially when used correctly and when necessary. However due to the vitality placed on these products, infectious bacterium have been able to adapt and cause these drugs to become obsolete. The world has relied so heavily on the use of antimicrobial agents for so long that these organisms meant to disintegrate have mutated into antimicrobial-resistant bacteria. Patients exposed to such organisms run the risk of infection, suffering high priced medical expenses, as well as leaving one foot on death's doorstep as a result of the disease. .
             In order for the common populous to truly understand the severity of the antimicrobial resistance epidemic, people must first gain a certain level of knowledge in regards to the background of the issue itself. Bacteria has always concerned the growing population due to the rather small number of bacterium that scientists have actually uncovered. The entire world harbors billions upon trillions of unknown bacterial organisms. These organisms are the host of a large unfathomable variety of infectious diseases that are in fact resistant to almost all of the antibiotics currently within medicinal use. The human race has often entertained a particular degree of ignorance to ensure its own protection. However in this day and age, an understanding of bacteria itself is no longer a luxury, but rather a vital resource to those wishing to avoid an early slicing of the reaper's blade.

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