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Exterminate All the Brutes by Sven Lindqvist

            Imperialism is a process created to expand the state by dominating foreign territory while abusing the population as well as the natural resources. Lindquist believed imperialism was not only the cause of the Holocaust but was not used to help the natives of foreign territory. Instead imperialism was used to strategically eliminate undesired races. "Exterminate All the Brutes" analyzes the primary cause of the Holocaust through his studies of Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" which gives his writing a shadow of European thought. Lindquist supplements his analysis by connecting colonial imperialism to social Darwinism and the evolutionary theory. Though Lindquist thoroughly explains how imperialistic expansion and evolutionary theory insured the Holocaust, World War One also increased the chances of Hitler's genocide in World War Two. The following paragraphs entail specific evidence of Lindquist's analysis as well as how World War One influenced the Holocaust.
             European ideals often concerned themselves, it was never for the better of mankind just the better for the white man. Imperialism created an opportunity for Europeans to acquire natural resources from foreign territory and exterminate massive groups of people. Jules Ferry's speech in 1884 originates the idea of imperialism, justifying colonial conquest with competition for money and power. "Today, as you know, competition, the law of supply and demand, freedom of trade, the effects of speculation, all radiate in a circle that reaches to the ends of the earth.that is a great complication, a great economic difficulty.an extremely serious problem. (Jules Ferry 1884) The "extermination" part of imperialism is born from a world civilizing mission Europeans thought only right since they were more advanced technologically. One case that seems to precedent the precepts of imperialistic conquest is King Leopold's journey to the Belgium Congo to stop the slave trades.

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