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Communication in Much Ado About Nothing

            In William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, communication, or lack thereof, is highlighted as one of the biggest problems throughout the entire plot. Misinterpretation is the result of this poor communication and the overall message is lost within the chaos. A prime example of this is when Dogberry tells Leonato that his watchmen "have indeed comprehended two auspicious persons" (III.v). Leonato is in "great haste" (III.v), because he has to get ready for Hero's wedding. If Dogberry had spoken clearly and concisely to Leonato and explained to him what had happened, Claudio would not have slandered Hero at the wedding, because the message would have reached Leonato. .
             The night before the wedding is when Claudio hears that Hero is "cheating" on him. Claudio is in a really dire circumstance because he does not have enough time to process the information in his head. Although Claudio is wrong for promising, "in the congregation where I should wed, there will I shame her" (III.ii), it was Leonato's impatience and Dogberry's lack of brevity that is the first domino to fall that cascades a series of events that nearly turns this play into a tragedy. Claudio was determined to embarrass Hero on the wedding day before the watchmen caught Borachio and Conrade. Leonato would have been able to relay the message to Claudio had the message been delivered properly in the first place. The biggest consequence of Dogberry's inability to communicate a message is most evident during the first wedding of Hero and Claudio. Not only is Claudio upset, but also his partner in crime, Don Pedro stands by his side. .
             While all of this is unfolding at the wedding scene, Dogberry brings Borachio and Conrade to Don Pedro and Claudio, he explains what has happened "in his own division" (V.i) to the two men. While Don Pedro is being straight forward in what he wants to hear, Dogberry chooses to say the same thing four different ways.

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