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Gun Control, the NRA and the Second Amendment

             Ever since the United States Constitution was written along with the Bill of Rights, people have questioned the second amendment, "The right to keep and bear arms." This topic has been discussed over and over again not only by the people, but also by the courts system. This topic means something to me because I am a gun holder myself who loves to go hunting. Having gun rights does not mean we have the right to go around committing crimes with firearms. Guns are expected to be used in lawful purposes. Wretchedly, there are many people that think we need gun control more than our gun rights. These are the people that believe you are not responsible enough to have and own a gun. They would rather see you as a victim, than see you associated with a firearm. They want to adjust your civil rights as if they were privileges, which is wrong. There are also people that don't support the second amendment. I suggest you look closely at these individuals as well. Often you'll find they ride in limousines, dress very proficient, hold public office, have personal bodyguards for themselves and their families, and live in very nice neighborhoods where violent crimes are rare. They don't see a need to personally exercise their gun rights, and their attitude is often "So why should you?" In the state of Texas, this topic is brought up a lot, and means something to others, both views on this topic will be showed in this essay and I will explain to you why guns are essential in the great state of Texas.
             Literature Review .
             The article that was the most efficient for my paper was one by Clint Cook, who writes a letter that I found online titled, "Dear Gun Control Activist," that proved to be helpful because he made some valid points of why guns should be left alone. I liked this website because the author is writing straight to the audience giving his whole story about what he believes, and you as a viewer can't really give your two cents back until you have read all he has had to say.

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