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The Adoption Process

            Building a family through adoption is a rewarding path to parenthood, but getting started can be overwhelming. There are many children in our world that suffer without the love and the warmth of a parent. Each adoption journey is as unique as each adopted child. Adopting a child may bring many benefits for the future of the child. Not only are they getting the love of their parents, but in some states like Florida there getting aid for their college. Adopting a child is not easy as it seems because of the variety of amounts of adoption types. The decision to adopt a baby still is just the beginning. Adoption is the best tool at insuring that parentless children have the chance to love and be loved and therefore should be promoted and made easier to achieve.
             The challenge that married couples face when they are parentless is that they do not have the love of a child. "The pain of childless couples who are eager to adopt is real; it is good if children's needs can be matched up with such would-be parents whenever appropriate" ("Adoption Should"). The most serious problem is not the uncomfortable process of adoption, but the fact is that 5,000 children are waiting to be adopted at any one time, and the 1,300 parents who have been cleared for adoption are kept waiting in limbo ("Adoption Should"). "In the United States alone, about 150,000 children are adopted each year. About half of these are adopted by stepparents, or relatives. The others are adopted by unrelated people" ("Parenting"). These studies represent the number of children that are waiting adoption; also the numbers of some couples without children that are already approved to adopt a kid but are still waiting for an answer. "There are more than 1,000,000 children in foster care waiting to be adopted" (Katz). There are a huge number of children in each part of the world who need homes because they have been abandoned, abused, or orphaned (Haerens 28).

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