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Sojourner Truth - Women's Rights Activist

             After introducing the topic and describing the research methodology, this paper, about Sojourner Truth, a Woman's rights activist, runaway slave, and devote Christian presents the context for the leader, her contributions, and the effects she had on others. The paper concludes with personal remarks and opinions about the effects this study about Sojourner Truth has uncovered, and the effects Truth has on the writer's understanding of what it takes to be a strong leader who is a catalyst for change and why Truth is know as one of the greatest activist of her time. This paper will give supporting evidence of how this leader continues to make a change and how she personality effects the writer. The writer will also share personal thoughts of how this catalyst made positive change and led other to do the same and continue to serve for others and show that Truth believed anyone male or female could make a difference.
             Isabella Baumfree lived a quiet and soft spoken life and it was not until she became Sojourner Truth that she became someone who was listened to. Living as a slave and always knowing there was something better to do, Truth could not wait to be free (History). Truth ran away taking nothing but her youngest daughter and started a new and unknowing future. Truth overcame things that were unheard of in her time. Truth survived discrimination, physical,and mental abuse but her spirit was never broken instead she gave hope and showed that things could be done despite how you grow up. Sojourner Truth took a stand for what she believed in and did not back down until it was completed. Truth is a leader and is very inspirational to many even to this day, she built a path that was later followed by some of the greatest women activist stated today (Biography Channel). .
             In this paper, which will discuss Sojourner Truth as a leader and catalyst for change, the following research questions have been posed:.

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