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Failures of the American Education System

            The educational system in America is unstructured. Failing grades and drop-out factories are bi-products of some American schools. A person could speculate that the amount of money and policies thrown toward public schools should have promoted positive change. It is not dubious to ponder whether the effort extended toward education has been in vain or not. However, the main effort perceived by the American public has been broken promises made by politicians. Despite the policies attempting to improve education, the quality of education in America is still very poor; moreover, the economy of America will suffer exponentially if action is not taken.
             The quality of education in America is largely based on a person's financial status. The thought of a country having a price tag on quality education is unfair, however, very true pertaining to education in the United States. Minorities and people in poverty are educated unequally. "Only one-third of American students achieve proficiency in reading and math by our nation's own standards. Two-thirds of African-American and Hispanic students achieve well below grade level" (Chubb 1). The need to be educated in the American work force is escalating exponentially. Ten years ago, a person could get a job relatively easy with a high school diploma, now it is hard to find a job with a college degree. So, American jobs demand more educated citizens that are not being produced by many public schools. The educational needs of children are being constantly replaced by the financial needs of academic institutions. An educational system which accommodates primarily to wealthier individuals is a broken system at best and is in need of proper assessment.
             In order for educators to be successful, an academic regiment should complement economic demand. The educational system in America was established to prepare people for industrial manufacturing. Schools were fashioned to resemble assembly lines, even implementing bells to dismiss class as in a factory.

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