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FERN and the Electric Car

            How is this endeavor going to affect the environment?.
             By and large the automobiles are based on fossil fuels. This has been the norm since the advent of the internal combustion engine. However, the use of the fossil fuels has resulted in significant damage to the ecosystems, weather patterns and health of the populace on a global scale. FERN aims to promote the use of electrical energy as an alternative. Research has been going on in using this source as green energy which leaves behind little to no carbon footprint, thus reducing the aforementioned adverse effects. To bring this initiative to life FERN is working on an indigenously manufactured electric car. This will show that electric cars can be mass produced and overtime, can replace the conventional cars of today. Furthermore, it is not just an ordinary car, it is a car equipped with the most modern technology, capable of giving the same output as you would expect from the average formula racing car. .
             What will be the effect on society?.
             The social aspects of the work being carried out by FERN are vast and impactful. The areas which are being targeted are community service, education, spreading awareness and promoting racing at the national level.
             Currently, dedicated members of the FERN team are making regular visits to SOS schools to impart knowledge about electrical engineering in order to motivate and enlighten the future generations. Furthermore, through the platform of FERN the spirit of innovation and ingenuity is being promoted amongst the masses. The team aims to acquaint students with the modern designing techniques, state-of-the-art technology involved in manufacturing an electric car and the challenges associated with it. FERN is diligently working to inspire the younger generation to come forth in the fields of engineering and information technology, creating a pathway for an advanced society. It is important to allocate time and resources in order to facilitate the growth of talent which consequently affects the progress of the society as a whole.

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