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Colleges and Standardized Testing

            Colleges all over America have decided to raise the amount of standardized tests that are required to be considered to be accepted into their college. "Getting good grades in school, taking challenging classes, being in hundreds of clubs, working and doing hours of community service as well as taking the ACT and the SAT simply isn't enough," says Tom Brown an admission director at Harvard College. Colleges and ACT have come together to create the all new ACTT. This test will be required for all students who wish to apply to any college in the US. The new standardized test comes with reading, math, english, writing, science, and social studies. .
             The reading portion of the new ACTT will test students on reading comprehension as well as their memory of the books they have read in English since seventh grade. "It's of utmost importance to remember the entire story of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night in detail in order to show that they will be successful in college," a member of the ACTT board member states. The new math portion will be broken up into algebra, geometry, trigonometry, precalculus, and statistics. The board of the ACTT says that a student who doesn't do well on the statistics test might as well "kiss college good-bye and look for a job in the fast food business" because everyone in the workforce today uses statistics. .
             The english part of the test will now include a section of defining 200 literary devices as well as the normal test on the English language. Colleges have told the ACTT board that knowing 200 literary devices makes someone able to go to college. "Getting a 36 on the literary devices test can replace any terrible GPA," Alice Kesh from Yale says. .
             Writing now includes writing an argumentative essay as well as a poem like a haiku.Colleges really believe that writing a haiku that is incredibly creative is predicting what student will get a 4.0 in college. Biology, chemistry, physics, and the interpretation of graphs are now all tests in the science area of the ACTT.

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