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Surviving Auschwitz by Primo Levi

            Primo Levi recounts his experience in a concentration camp during the holocaust in Surviving Auschwitz. His story is rich with detail as he writes in an incredibly intelligent way. Never letting his emotions get in the way of his autobiography. He does not spare the reader any detail when he describes the life of a prisoner. Through his story the reader learns the difficulties the camp prisoners faced from the guards, hunger, cold and labor. Primo Levi's story is eye opening. There are very few holocaust survivors that have been able to recount their stories the way Levi has. He shares his point of view of a time in history people today cannot fathom. This is Primo Levi's story of how he survived Auschwitz physically but not mentally. .
             Primo Levi is an Italian citizen who is of Jewish ancestry. He was an anti-fascist caught by the fascist police and was sent to the camp due to his Jewish background. Levi was a twenty four year old chemist when he arrived in Auschwitz. He recounts his story from the beginning when he first arrived. The people who arrived would be grouped between having some sort of value to no value. Those who were deemed suitable to work were kept alive, while those who weren't were sent directly to the crematorium. During the time Levi was sent to the camps the people were kept to do hard labor. Those who arrived healthy at the camp would have the life expectancy of three months. However, he survived eleven months in Auschwitz. He states the three main reasons that helped him were organization, pity, and theft. .
             Levi arrived at the camp with six hundred and fifty other Jews and only twenty of them left Auschwitz alive. He writes extensively about the necessities needed to survive. For example the importance of spoons, knives, bowls, shirts, and shoes. Levi holds nothing back when he states what helped him survive. He did so by always looking out for himself and never letting sympathy towards others get the best of him.

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