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My South Dakota Childhood

            My life changed on February 2, 1996, when my father announced that he had decided we would move from Riverside, California to Spearfish, South Dakota. My father lost his job and desired moving closer to our family. He explained that his decision would ensure a more superior and promising future for our family. I could sense the seriousness in his voice, yet he sounded very positive. His posture was strong and his mind was made up. A few days later, the journey to our new life began. Feelings of joy pulsed through my entire body as we began driving away from the place I had called home for the first four years of my life. The South Dakota border could not come fast enough. I was ecstatic to embark on this new adventure. Finally, after a seemingly never-ending journey, we arrived. I was in heaven. I was mesmerized by the beautiful Black Hills. The residents were welcoming and warm-hearted. And best yet, the weather offered all four seasons. I will always remember South Dakota and the beauty it presented.
             Driving through the Black Hills was quite an experience. I had always dreamt of visiting such a stunning place. The view was breath-taking. The enormous mountains appeared endless, proceeding as far as the eye could see. Towering evergreens lined the mountains in dense clusters. It resembled a dreamy wonderland. There was a small but captivating waterfall in the crevice of one of the mountains. It produced gallons of fresh spring water that came rushing down to the stream below. Because fishing is so adored in South Dakota, Spearfish would stock the streams every year. My family enjoyed the fun and excitement of the Black Hills. They offered many outdoor activities, which was a great way for us to .
             meet new people with similar interests.
             The Spearfish residents all seemed happy, friendly, and kind. They would wave and greet one another, even if complete strangers. I could sense the happy-go-lucky attitudes of each and every person I encountered.

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