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Japanese Jazz Music

            What is it that draws other countries to our American culture? Is it the way we individualize it or make it our own? There are many countries that other countries take ideals from American culture and make it into their own. One ideal that is a part of American culture would be the music, jazz in particular. Jazz is known as an American musical invention since it was originated there, but this music has branched out into many other places around the world, such as Japan specifically. Jazz is a style of music that is no more popular in Japan than another genre of music there, but their goal is to bring a new outlook on the country's modernity and show how jazz has transformed global culture.1 It is quite clear that the Japanese have picked up many of our ideals and culture when it comes to jazz, but the real question is have Americans had an impact on the music they have created? Considering that America came up with the idea of this genre, I do not think that the Japanese style of Jazz is that different compared to America. In America, they are making it clear that they have a sense of power in the world when it comes to this style of music. .
             Jazz music originated in New Orleans in the nineteenth century.2 Slaves around the time all met in an area called the "Congo Square," known today as Louis Armstrong Park where they danced publically simply to enjoy themselves. After research on the documents in the history of African-American music, sketches have shown these people playing percussion instruments with string as well.3 There are many unanswered questions to how it started there, but architects are quite certain about where it has originated from. Before jazz music came about, the origination on blues music came about. This genre of music recognized the pain on losing a loved one and prejudice and gave expression to the sadness of a heart break or facing down any hardship.

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