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Notes on Good Will Hunting

             Apply one theory from chapters 1-6 to the film (hint, theories have the word "theory" in them in the book). To whom and how does it apply to the communication shown in the film? Be descriptive. .
             Attribution theory relates to trying to figure out why someone did something or why they behaved in the way they did. I am linking this theory to a moment in the movie when Skylar and will were in her dorm room and Skylar asked will to join her on her trip to California but he told her no and a huge argument started and will became loud aggressive and stormed out. Skylar didn't understand and was trying to figure out why he was behaving the way that he did and why he left in such anger. .
             2. How does Will's self-concept change throughout the film (what was it at the beginning and what was it at the end)? Provide two specific examples from the film where the change in self-concept was illustrated. .
             Self–concept is the subjective description of who you think you are. First example. Will's self-concept changed dramatically to me throughout the movie. At the beginning will didn't think very much of himself. He truly felt that he had nothing to do is life but work a regular job and live in the same neighborhood and hanging out with the same people for the rest of his life. He didn't think highly of himself and he didn't think he was worth much of anything. At the end of the movie he realized that he truly had a gift and that he was different from most people and that he needed to use his gift and share it with the world. He realized that he was a somebody and that he wanted better for himself. Second example. Will thought he wasn't good enough to be loved because everyone who had came into his life in the past and had claimed to love him always wound up leaving and he was afraid that Skylar was going to do the same thing. At the end while he was sitting on the bench he realized that Skylar did love him and chasing her away was a mistake and that's why he left the note in Sean's mailbox saying he couldn't take the job after all because he was going to see about a girl.

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