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Investigation Questions - The Great Gatsby

            On 13 August 1922 at approximately 13:03, a murder and suicide case was reported to the NYPD and I was to investigate the incident. When we arrived at the site, we saw a dead body with a bullet in his chest, lying on a mattress in the swimming-pool. Two yards away from the swimming-pool, was another body lying, bleeding from the right side of his head and was holding a gun in his hand. There were four gentlemen present- Edward Willet (the chauffeur), Lance Stephenson (the butler), Kevin Ballard (the gardener) and Nick Carraway (a friend and neighbor). Apparently, the man who was shot in the chest was James "Jimmy" Gatz also known as Jay Gatsby who also owned the mansion and the swimming-pool. According to Mr. Nick Carraway, the other man was a mechanic who resided in the valley of ashes and ran an auto-repair shop. Nobody witnessed the incident so I took Mr. Carraway aside to ask him some questions about Jay Gatsby and the mechanic. .
             Interrogation: Nick Carraway.
             Q: Since when do you know Mr. Gatsby?.
             A: I first met him when I moved here two months ago from Minnesota. He invited me to one of his parties.
             Q: Why did you leave Minnesota?.
             A: I got a Job recently in New York and found this bungalow next door through my relatives. .
             Q: Do you happen to know anything about his background?.
             A: He was born in Minnesota to a poor family. He joined the army and later served as a commander during the war. While he was in the army, he fell in love with a young woman from a very wealthy family. To get to the same level as her, Gatsby worked hard to earn the fortune he had. He never mentioned how he earned the money though. .
             Q: How would you describe your relationship with Mr. Gatsby?.
             A: We were good friends. There was a mutual understanding between us. Even though he was massively rich, he was never arrogant as you would presume. He was a passionate man who would do anything for his love. He was helpful and never hesitated to ask me for help if he needed.

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