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Polarity, Stability and Balances of Power

            The basic factor that impacts the possibility of war and peace and also balance of power is the number of big powers that gets into the act in international system. Neo-realists correlate generally bipolarity as stability and decreasing the possibility of war and they correlate multipolarity as instability and further possibility of war. According to assailant realists the main purpose of states is obtaining power so if balance of power breaks down, the possibility of war will increase. On the other hand defensive realists assert that states must prioritize security not power and will be unwilling about war.
             Liberalism .
             The most important feature of liberalism is a belief about increase in general welfare of society with sanctity of an individual and removing obstacles behind free attempt. Liberalism is a philosophic approach that focuses on people, features rationalism and foresees freedom of private life and limited government intervention to the public life.
             Liberalism which has a pragmatic perspective claims that if individuals get rich one by one, society will be rich too and it prioritizes to the market in the relationship of state and market. Accordingly, government intervention which is done to running of the market decreases general welfare and causes bigger injustices. The relationship between liberalism and capitalism is so obvious. So, it is not a coincidence that capitalism as an economic organization shows up in societies that believes in liberal values and get strong. .
             According to liberalism, general morality and normative values are determined by natural flow of social relation. For this reason, liberals defend that morality must define secularly. Individuals who think and behave freely will improve right behavior patterns on their own. Liberalism adopts progressive understanding that is the most typical expression of enlightenment philosophy and also it shares the idea of getting human rights innately and universally.

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