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The Price of Individuality

            Individuality is being yourself without worrying about what anyone thinks. In the movie "Boy" (Directed by Taika Waititi in 2010), Boy must try to separate his identity from his father. Boy's father, Alamein, influences him to do the wrong things. While in "5 Ways to Disappoint Your Vietnamese Mother" (Written by Diana Nguyen in 2008) Diana Nguyen is fighting against her mother in becoming who she wants to be and not what her mother wants her to be. To truly achieve individuality, one must face the changing relationships with their parents, growing up and making difficult decisions, and avoid becoming a stereotype.
             A relationship that has been changed between parent and child is one of the outcomes of individuality. In the movie Boy, Boy and his father share a strong fantasy relationship. Boy thinks he is just like him, but as he matures, he finally realizes that his father wasn't there when his mom died. In the scene where Boy slaps him, he says, "I don't remember you! You weren't there! You weren't there when he was born! You weren't there when she died! Where were you? I thought I was like you, but I'm not. I don't have any potential." This dialogue shows us that Boy should stop daydreaming about his father so he would not become like him. On the other hand, "5 Ways to Disappoint Your Vietnamese Mother" is about Diana, a girl who disappointed her mom in order to be happy. As a child, her mom took her to dance and piano lessons. Diana enjoyed doing these things and decided to pursue it once she's older, however, "During one of my university performances, I looked out into the crowd during the interval and saw an Asian woman walking out." Diana stated in the extract. This dialogue shows us that her mother is not satisfied with her decision to become an actor. Diana's mom wishes her to be rich and successful, so she wanted her to become a doctor. Instead, she went her own way and did something she liked.

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