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Analysis of the Tiananmen Square Protest

            In the United States of America, all American citizens are guaranteed their basic civil liberties in the United States Bill of Rights. The United States Bill of Rights, also known as the first ten amendments in the United States Constitution, gives the American people the freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, freedom of peaceful assembly by the people, and so much more. Unfortunately, in China, the citizens are not promised "constitutional democracy, freedom, and human rights," (Jian 1). On June 4, 1989, there was a huge peaceful protest in Beijing's Tiananmen Square where thousands of Chinese citizens were brutally massacred. After the event in Tiananmen Square, the Chinese government prohibited anyone to speak of that horrific day. Anyone who defied the government was punished. "Three editors were expelled for saluting mothers of students who were killed in the newspaper" (Editors 29). The theme of "Tiananmen Square 25 Years on: 'Every Person in the Crowd was a Victim of the Massacre'" is that although many Chinese protestors were killed by the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese protestors are still taking a stand to gain their basic civil liberties. The theme is enhanced by the use of rhetorical appeals, structure, and rhetorical devices.
             In "Tiananmen Square 25 Years On: 'Every Person in the Crowd was a Victim of the Massacre,'" thousands of Chinese pro-democracy protestors gathered together on June 4, 1989 in Tiananmen Square to challenge the Chinese Communist party and corrupt government. The Chinese people put together a peaceful protest demanding the "freedom of speech, of the press and of assembly, and freedom to elect their leaders." The pro-democracy protestors held one of the most "orderly" and "disciplined" protests ever to be seen around the world. Many people volunteered to help maintain the crowd, give out food, drinks, and free health care.

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