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Tortilla Soup

             In the movie Tortilla Soup, I identified with a little bit of each of the three sisters. I felt that I shared Leticia's comprehension towards her father; Carmen's career and dedication, and Maribel because she was the spontaneous younger sister who was going to become a college student. I more closely related to Maribel because she is closer to my age. I too am just starting college and I can relate to her being scared and wanting to run away from the situation. Maribel is undecided to go to college after meeting a Brazilian guy, Andy. Maribel felt that she was not listened to and she tried everything possible to try to be heard. During a family conflict between Leticia and Carmen, Maribel decided to start breaking plates as a way to grab the sisters" attention. I could most certainly relate to that because I am always wanting to be the center of attention and wanting all eyes on me. That was what Maribel was trying to accomplish in most of the scenes. She wanted to be listened to by her father just as much as her sisters would. Maribel would sometimes arrive late to their weekly Sunday dinners. This was a major part of the movie because this was when the sisters would make their announcement concerning their life. In one scene Maribel brought over Andy to meet the family and after trying to make an announcement and no one was listening she decided to do something drastic. She screamed out loud that she was going to move in with Andy. This was a spontaneous move in her part since not even Andy knew that this was going to happen. The Sunday dinners were a very crucial part of the movie since it was the time where the sisters would make major announcements and show that they were growing up and it was time for them to move on with their separate lives. .

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