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Radical Groups and Ideals of the 1640s

            Even though radical groups had existed before the 1640s, they were very secretive due to the fact that they were illegal. However as more people began to be included more into politics, the decline of censorship and the breakdown of control had allowed radical groups to emerge in the 1640s. This meant that those who came out of hiding were able to spread their ideas and debate openly in public. As a result it caused the development of political, religious and politico-religious groups. Threat is the expression of an intention to cause harm or pain. In my opinion I believe that the radical groups and ideas did pose a threat to a certain extent in the 1640s as there were many effects of radicalism as a result of the emergence of radical groups and ideas however there were also factors in which these groups and ideas did not pose a threat.
             Some would state that radical groups and ideas were a threat. The fifth monarchists who were also known as the 'millenarian' were viewed as a great threat. Their leader was Thomas Harrison who was one of those who had signed Charles' death warrant so even from this known fact; you are able to see how far someone would go for change. Fifth monarchists believed that salvation had come to all, however only those chosen would be saved. They stated that 'Christ will come to rule the earth'. This had challenged authority as if Christ was to rule the earth, there would be no need for a monarch which would pose a great threat to the king. They were considered a threat due to the fact that they used violence to prepare for Gods return. They were a strong threat as they had launched armed uprising in London and gained influence in the army. .
             Quakers who were known as the 'society of friends' believed in equality where there was a spark of God in everyone and that religion was the individuals spiritual journey. They disbelieve in the bible as it is man-made.

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