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Original and Adaptation of Macbeth

            Adaptations are a mere visual interpretation of a text or play. When plays or books are transitioned into a film, it involves losing material so the film can evoke a sense of uniqueness. When books become adaptations the mission becomes less about the art of storytelling, but recreating a story that already exists and providing audiences with something new and original.
             An adaptation implies a process that demands rethinking, reconceptualizing, and change (Seger). Rupert Goold's "Macbeth" is an example of an effective transition into an original play to an adaptation. William Shakespeare's work of art Macbeth is a tragedy brought to the 21st century by Rupert Goold. Macbeth is a tragedy about the downfall of having too much ambition. Even though Shakespeare's Macbeth and Rupert Goold's film adaptation share numerous ideologies and general storyline, a difference exists in the setting, the characters, and overall atmosphere of the play. Shakespeare's Macbeth is a play set in the 16th century Scotland, but Goold modernizes the setting to a Soviet styled country and utilizes modern elements into the characters and theme. The main character Macbeth is seen as a dictator by the halls of the palace being decorated with murals of his face. The setting contributes to a sinister atmosphere by the darkness of each scene throughout the film. Rupert Goold's change of setting helps the audience relate to the plot by viewing the setting in not only a new way, but a desolate, militaristic, and society styled slate. .
             In making the transition to film, many books or plays that are downers have had the endings changed in order to appeal to the wider demographics of film or television (Seger). Many changes are made for dramatic purposes. In Shakespeare's Macbeth and Rupert Goold's film, the murder scenes share similar elements; however Goold implements more details in the scenes. For example, Shakespeare's play has no visual aids of the murder of the King of Scotland but evidence.

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